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Monday – Friday
7:30 am – 5:00 pm CST


A Message to Our Customers


Jerry Batterson

Customer Service Team Lead

913-492-3400 ext 1430

As the Customer Service Team Lead, I would like to introduce you to the passionate CS Team and tell you what you can expect from us.

The Customer Service Team commits to being tireless advocates for our customers. We partner with you to help grow your business, with the understanding that this successful partnership will in turn grow our business.

Team members are trained for product-line specific areas, allowing them to be single-source contacts for answering your questions and requests quickly and ensuring your delivery deadlines are met.

We work every day to earn your trust and loyalty and we are passionate about asking for your feedback. We formally request feedback on our company’s performance annually by gathering your response to the question, “How likely are you to recommend Robbie to an associate or friend?” We also request your feedback through surveys at the completion of new projects.

With a combined service of more than 40 years, our CS team has established a rock-solid quality performance standard. We push each other to greater heights as a result of our desire to deliver on our commitments. We function as a team, learning from and challenging each other.

To get a better sense of how members of our CS team define their commitment to helping you experience the joy of brilliantly printed packaging, take a look at their comments below. They’ll give you an idea of how much we all look forward to working with you on your next Robbie project.

CSR Success Story

A popular consumer goods company contacted us for our services and wanted to learn more about our company. Jeff Hiller, Robbie Sales Manager, traveled to their location to give a presentation on Robbie.  Jeff impressed the company by sharing Robbie’s packaging and printing capabilities, as well as their excellent customer service.

Fifteen Robbie employees came together and consolidated their thoughts and hard work to make this new project a huge success.

Here’s what the company’s creative director had to say about Robbie:
"The people in this company are rock stars. They know what they are doing, they produce great quality, they are great printers, [and] they have a great attitude.”

Robbie also made an excellent impression on the purchasing manager:
“They are great. When I visited Robbie, they had everyone there who might affect the job or might be needed to answer questions. They knew their stuff, and I could tell they were excited to do the job.

What took me 3 months with the other supplier, I got done with them in one day. We brought them in at the last minute and they still beat all of our tight deadlines.

They were at our plant every week 4 weeks to help us get this new project running right, making some minor adjustments to make everything perfect before they made the larger runs. They were a great advisor to us.”

This is only one example of the dedication that Robbie has for its clients and the hard work each of Robbie’s employees puts into a project. Robbie loves what they do. They want to make everything as easy as possible for you. The quality of their packaging, printing, and customer service will make you want to work with them again and again.

Richard Baker

Shrink Films - Polyolefin & Polyethylene
“Committed to partnering with our customers. Helping grow our customers’ business grows our business and creates lasting customer loyalty.”
913-492-3400 ext. 1082

Amanda Rigoli

Supermarket & Processor Pouches, Bags & Films
I'm focused on building and maintaining customer relationships, through exceptional service and communication with you.
913-492-3400 ext.1070

Vernita Releford

Shrink Films - Polyolefin
"I'm committed to providing exemplary service that exceeds expectations and builds customer loyalty."
913-492-3400 ext 1063

Nadine LeMoss

Processor Bags, Pouches, Films
“My mission is to simply delight you …everyday. I will be your partner and advocate.”
913-492-3400 ext 1056

Julie Yang

Shrink Films - Polyolefin & Polyethylene
I am dedicated to consistently deliver the best service with integrity while meeting or exceeding your expectations.
913-492-3400 ext. 1071

Bill Fehr

Supermarket & Processor Pouches, Bags & Films
Doing what it takes to exceed your expectations!
913-492-3400 ext 1032

Michael Dempsie

Supermarket & Processor Pouches, Bags & Films
I want to develop a loyal partnership, and be your advocate at the plant, so we can be successful together.
913-492-3400 ext.1064

Sean Sprinkle

Processor Bags, Pouches, Films
Committed to ensuring all your needs are met from a helpful and loyal partner.
913-492-3400 ext 1069