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Robbie Manufacturing Wins Environmental & Sustainability Honor

Hot N Handy® Rotisserie Pouch Receives 2008 FPA Gold Award
The Flexible Packaging Association announced Robbie Manufacturing as winner of the 2008 Gold Award in Environmental and Sustainability Achievement. The prestigious award was presented at the 2008 Flexible Packaging Innovation Showcase held at the FPA Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida on March 5, 2008.

The award recognizes how Robbie’s Hot N Handy® Rotisserie Pouch provides the most advanced sustainable solution for rotisserie chicken packaging in the market today.  The manufacturing of the pouch (including raw materials) produces 85% less CO2 and uses 88% less crude oil than the rigid two-piece dome. Hot N Handy® Pouches use 80% less packaging material than rigid containers and offers a 66% reduction in solid waste introduced into landfills. 

FPA Also Surprises Robbie with Award in Packaging Excellence
So impressed were the judges with Robbie’s advancements in packaging sustainability, they went beyond standard protocol to honor Robbie with a Silver Award in Packaging Excellence.  This Award took Robbie by surprise since Hot N Handy® was not submitted in the Packaging Excellence category. According to Irv Robinson, Owner and CEO of Robbie, “The association’s decision to give us the Silver Award in Excellence was an exclamation point on our accomplishment in sustainability. We were very honored.” 

In presenting the Gold Award to Robbie, the Flexible Packaging Association stated, “Flexible packaging improvements, technology and enhancements have not only benefited consumers, but the environment as well. The sustainability achievements seen in the competition entries and winning packages have reduced the materials and energy used to manufacture final packages, while simultaneously reducing waste.”

The award demonstrates Robbie’s company-wide commitment to advancing the state of sustainability in packing. Testing of the Hot N Handy® Pouch using Life Cycle Assessment Software (LCA) indicated several ecological advantages over the conventional rigid two-piece dome.  Hot N Handy® Pouches use 60% less corrugated boxes for shipping and 92.6% reduction over rigid containers in fuel, trucks and pallets when shipping the same quantity.  Hot N Handy® Pouch was developed as a value-added alternative to the rigid two-piece, dome and lid container for rotisserie chickens in retail deli hot and cold cases.  The 9-color flexo-printed, leak-resistant pouch is resealable and provides a die-cut handle for easy carrying.

Robbie Manufacturing, Inc. and The Flexible Packaging Association are proud to share highlights from all entries from the 2008 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards competition on their website.

Robbie Manufacturing is a leading flexible packaging supplier to the supermarket industry in the United States. The company also serves the food processor industry with customized packaging solutions.

Find more information about The Hot-N-Handy® Pouch or Robbie’s sustainability efforts on our website or contact Penny Sweeny at 913-492-3400.