Art Upload

Partnering Approach

Robbie’s Pre-Production Team meets daily to review all new projects.  We pre-test and pre-measure more often than our competitors.  If there’s a change we can make to improve the printed image or optimize the process, we’ll recommend it to you.  That’s how we insure that the package we design and manufacture will exceed your expectations.
How do we determine the optimum film width and repeats for your product packaging? By having our Packaging Engineers use the actual trays and package, and testing with the customer’s machinery specifications. In that way, the elements are placed correctly on the package, and we can reduce the likelihood of distortion.
Robbie partners with preferred plate making companies, so you’ll be working with the industry’s finest designers and pre-production artists, with access to a 24-hour staff for pre-press and platemaking.  Graphics always comply with FIRST (Flexographic Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances) standards, and you’ll see design proofs, scatters, color keys and contract proofs to ensure the quality and accuracy of every design.
Our customers are vital members of our quality-focused Production team.  Customers or their representatives attend press approvals for all first-time runs.  Our operator matches every job to a Quality Control checklist, and the Team Lead performs a job approval for every set-up.  These ongoing quality checks continue throughout the entire production run.
Your packaging is a valuable investment – and we treat it like one.  Robbie climate controls the warehouse environment for optimum material conditions.  Our bin location system is optimized for inventory accuracy.  And of course, our 24/7 shipping capabilities make sure your packaging arrives when it’s supposed to.  Quality, from pre-production to final delivery.  That’s what you’d expect from a valued partner.