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a healthy future for people and planet

A recent study by the National Marketing Institute reveals nearly 90% of consumers believe it’s important for companies to be mindful of their impact on the environment and society.

We agree. And we’re leading the way.

message from our President

Our sustainability policy is to identify and communicate cost-effective packaging solutions that add to economic progress, social development and environmental efforts for our customers. We will promote awareness of sustainability through our supply chain and to our team members, customers, and the community. 

We’ve created a Sustainability Task Force, charged with executing audits and implementing improvements on our practices and procedures.  Through the Task Force, we have established a formal management system to continue progress in the areas of the product, process and facilities management.

We encourage Team Member participation to actively Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse and Repurpose natural resources to lessen our overall impact on the environment. And we commit to maintaining our long history of EHS compliance and pollution prevention and compliance to Federal, State and local labor laws.

Pepper Stokes

What is sustainability? Here’s how we define sustainable:

“Creating new ways to live and prosper while ensuring an equitable, healthy future for all people and the planet by considering Economic, Environmental, and Social impacts of decisions.”

The Flexible Packaging Association agrees and recently released, in a fun and energetic way, the importance of choosing sustainable packaging in our daily purchases.  Please watch and enjoy.

sustainability in action
We’ve established these procedures and key performance indicators for our company and for our customers. An easy way to remember them is the 3 Ps: Profit, Planet and People:

economic / profit
Sustainable packaging means products that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Biodegradable
  • Minimal
  • Efficient
  • Recyclable
  • Renewable
  • Made Using Renewable Energy

We are committed to designing packaging solutions that meet as many of these Sustainability standards as possible. Our investment in new technologies and equipment help improve processes and efficiencies. Modern software programs help us develop efficient box and pallet loads for all our products. These customized, computer-integrated production systems lead to lower costs and reduced production time—sustainable economic benefits that we’re proud to share with our customers.

leading by example

Retailers and consumers alike are demanding more sustainable film products be made from fewer resources.  At the same time, they do not want to experience a lack of packaging performance.  With this in mind, Robbie has been focusing on developing packaging with reduced material gauge without changing the package characteristic.  Our first year resulted in 217,000 pounds reduction of material utilized and 300,000 this year.

Another project Robbie focused on was to improve our process on how we reduce press return ink inventory by re-using more ink as work-off and to gain better control of our usage.  We reduced our ink usage by 19%

environmental / planet
We’re doing our part to reduce environmental impact and increase social responsibility through sustainable green printing practices.

Our Sustainability Task Force is currently focusing on two key initiatives related to the Reduce-Recycle-Reuse principles:
  • A 25% reduction of landfill pounds through recycling, supplier buy-backs and re-use programs and Team Member training
  • Reduction of natural resources through utility reduction efforts with our current energy suppliers and an energy audit

industry leadership
We’re proud to serve as an active member of the Sustainable Packaging Task Group of the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA). In this leadership role, we’re sharing information on sustainability issues that affect all fellow FPA members.

We purchased and currently use Life Cycle Assessment software for conducting LCA screening studies of our own products and our customers’ packages. The LCA process assesses the environmental impact of a given product or service over its life cycle.

We use the Wal-Mart Packaging Modeling software to support our sustainability efforts, and to help our customers achieve their economic, environmental and social objectives.  

The net result?  We’re creating technologically advanced packaging solutions that address the industry’s key environmental issues.
leading by example
The Flexible Packaging Association presented us with a Gold Award for Environmental and Sustainable Achievement for our Hot N Handy® Pouch. The award recognizes Hot N Handy® as the most advanced sustainable solution for rotisserie chicken packaging in the market today. This is one of many ways we’re working to identify sustainable packaging innovations for our customers.

social / people
In the critical area of plant safety, Robbie ranks among the highest for our size and industry. Our safety initiatives and training programs help to ensure a safe, comfortable work environment for our people.

We purchase only FDA compliant raw materials for food packaging, and we’re American Institute of Baking (AIB) certified for food packaging manufacturing.

community involvement
More importantly, we take pride in our role as a good neighbor, and are active in the local community.  Robbie is a company sponsor of SafeHome, a local domestic abuse shelter. We demonstrate our commitment by providing our team members with three days paid absence to participate in community and charity events, including Special Olympics, Harvesters, the Wayside Waifs (a Humane Society) and Habitat for Humanity.

our commitment to you
We’re proud to share the results of our breakthroughs in research and technology for more environmentally responsible packaging with our customers. We pledge to be a partner in your sustainability efforts – creating new ways to live and prosper while ensuring an equitable, healthy future for all people and the planet.