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Robbie champions responsibility and sustainability

Robbie endorses three strategic sustainable business practices below:
  • Employ materials derived from renewable resources or with low environmental impact, maximizing recycling and recovery efforts with efficient utilization of energy.
  • Encourage the supply chain by using raw materials that do not threaten or harm future generations.
  • Educate customers and consumers on the benefits of a restorative company.

We are committed to designing packaging solutions that meet as many sustainability standards as technologically feasible to help transform markets to a more "Green" future.  Our investment in new technologies and equipment continually help improve our processes and efficiencies.  State-of-the-art logistics software enables us to develop the most efficient box and pallet loads for all of our products.  These customized, computer-integrated production systems result in reduced costs and improved production efficiencies - sustainable economic benefits that we are proud to share with our customers.

Responsible packaging is a choice we can all feel good about....




Designed in response to the growing rotisserie chicken market, the Hot N Handy Pouch utilizes 77% less packaging material than rigid containers.

Hot N Handy Pouches for rotisserie chickens sold in the supermarket deli use less plastic than most comparable rigid dome containers which means less waste in our landfills.  And its slim, lightweight design is more compact to ship, which means less fuel and greenhouse gas emissions are used in transportation.  Hot N Handy Pouches are also made in the USA, so no overseas freight is required.  Unlike several competitive products.

The Hot N Handy Pouch offers a 66% reduction of solid waste introduced into landfills and uses 88% less fossil fuel in transportation with 85% fewer CO2 emissions being generated during the manufacturing of the pouch.

Compared to rigid containers, flexible pouches use 91% less cubic space by case in shipping and warehousing.  More than 12 truckloads are needed to ship the same quantity of Hot N Handy Pouches contained in one 53' long truckload.


Data based on 2007 Life Cycle Analysis testing by Robbie using SimaPro 7.1 LCA Software which calculates all raw materials used, electricity/energy used and transportation of raw materials during the manufacturing of the package.

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